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Weight Loss is an area where I have lots of experience. I have lost over 100 lbs and kept it off since June, 2009. I am a firm believer that a combination of healthy eating and regular physical activity are necessary to achieve significant and permanent weight loss. Nutrition and Fitness plans should be individualized to fit the lifestyle and energy requirements of each client. Weight management in daily life or in preparing for competition can be achieved safely, without “crash” or “fad” dieting, with a focus on body composition, desired body weight, strength goals, and nutrient balance. Train your body, inside and out!
I used to weigh 235 lbs. I now compete in the 132 lb class. I did it through diet and exercise which I now refer to as nutrition and fitness.
Competitive Powerlifter, Raw & Drug-Free

Iron Boy Powerlifting
  •   National & NC state record holder   Full Power and Push/Pull

Southern Powerlifting Federation
  •   National & NC state record holder   Full Power, Push/Pull, and Strict        Curl

100% RAW Powerlifting Federation
  •   World, National & NC state record holder   Full Power total and Squat
  •   NC state record holder in Full Power and Strict Curl

Nelda is available for personal training and nutritional coaching in the Marion, NC area. She is also available for online coaching and advice.